Life-saving floating rope Outdoor 30 meters floating lifeline

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1 Made of high-quality polypropylene fiber, it has strong wear resistance, easy to clean and easy to carry.
2, the rope head is machine-sewn, the line is thin and uniform, safe and reliable.
3 The outer skin is made of polypropylene fiber, which is light in weight, resistant to dirt, abrasion, high strength and easy to clean.
4 The labor rope is tightly woven, the lines are clear, the color is beautiful, and the recognition is high in outdoor use.
5 floating water lifeline with float ball, bracelet. Security is more secure.
6 The strings are very light and can float in the water.
7 is widely used in escape, rock climbing, mountain climbing, fire survival and can be used in large swimming pools, beaches, yachts, water recreation
Material: polypropylene fiber
Color: orange
Specifications: outer diameter 8mm
Quantity: 30 meters per pack
Features: durable, wear resistant - tear resistant - corrosion resistant, light weight
Types of sports: rock climbing, climbing, camping, outdoor sports

How to use: Drop the floating ring to the drowning person. The drowning person puts the floating ring on the arm and then bends the arm. After the floater sets the floating ring, drag the floating cable to rescue the drowning