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L14-20P Male to 14-50R Female 18" Dogbone (9517T)

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Part Number: 9517T
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RV 20A Generator to 50A Cord Adapter
RV L14-20P to 50A Female Adapter
RV Generator Cord Adapter
RV Generator Adapter
RV Locking 30A
Happy Trails RV Cords presents our NEMA L14-20 male twist lock to NEMA 14-50 female lighted pull adapter. This adapter converts from a 20 Amp power source to a 50 Amp source. Lighted Female connector for positive electrical connection.

Features include:
  • Rugged construction
  • Clear and lighted 50A connector so you know the power is on!
  • 14" length of heavy duty cable between connectors
  • Dogbone adapter style allows extra flexibility

Connector Specifications:
  • 1x NEMA L14-20P (male) 125/250V
  • 1x NEMA 14-50R (female) 125/250V

Part No. RL20GEN50FLDB
Item #9517T

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