Electrical Usage Monitoring

High-quality standards and advanced OEM component technologies. 
  • RV Electrical Protection Systems & Adapters RV Electrical Protection Systems & Adapters
    These products offer state-of-the-art, reliable electrical protection for today’s RV-ers. Additionally, products include high quality, innovative electrical adapters and connectors for RV’s.
  • WattDOG WattDOG
    The WattDog is a permanent mount power monitor and data logger with communications.
  • Watt-erDog Watt-erDog
    The Watt-erDog is a back-lit LCD display power monitor with gallon display capability.
  • PowerDog PowerDog
    PowerDOG is a dedicated meter for displaying consumed power (KWh), Instant Watts (Present load draw), Meter location with local date, Average Phase voltage, and Current Start Date.