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50A Male to 30A Female RV Adapter USA (30-50)

50A Male to 30A Female RV Adapter USA (30-50)

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RV 50A TO 30A Cord Adaptor

RV 50 Amp TO 30 Amp Cord Adaptor

RV 50A Cord Adaptor

RV Cord Adaptor

RV 5030 Adaptor
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Features: This RV adapter is manufactured by Progressive Industries and provides superior durability and heat resistance, over “dog bone” type adapters. This Adapter goes from a 50A wall outlet to your 30A male RV plug. Made of high impact, heat resistant plastic, and heavy-duty highly conductive metal parts. This greatly improves heat dissipation and conductivity. The solid ground pin provides improved ground connection for safety, while the molded in finger grips make it easier to disconnect after use. Unlike “dog-bone” type adapters, no cable is used, therefore eliminating cable separation. ITEM#R50M530FUSA Made in the USA. For shipments outside of the US, please call for a quote.

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